ShoutBox Rules
1. Use English in shoutbox!
2. It is forbidden to insult people in shoutbox.
3. It is forbidden to spam a similar messages.
4. The shoutbox is not for support (only talking).
5. Do not ask what cheats are available and online! You can see it yourself!

Forum Rules
1. Spamming is never allowed!
2. Do not create a similar threads (first, use search)!
3. It is forbidden to write messages not relevant to the topic.
4. The staff reserve the right to delete or edit any post/thread.
5. Before asking questions, always check the information on the forum!
6. Create a post's in the relevant forums. (for example Cheat problems = VIP Support Forums)
7. Our forum is international! That means that you can talk to and ask questions in your own language.

Discord Rules
1. Don't spam admin.
2. To get "Customer" status contact MarTTaeux.dll
3. No spamming at ALL. This includes both mic spamming and text spamming.
4. No links that may contain advertisement of any pornographic images, racism.
5. Please use the appropriate text and/or voice channel. Unless you're in a special channel created for you.
6. No bullying or blurting out racial slurs. As it can offend others and will cause issues that will NOT be tolerated.
7. Do not ask for FORTNITE and EPICGAMES games cheats . You will be permanently banned from this group.
8. No buying questions here, contact an admins on the site or skype.

That's all! Follow simple rules and you will not be blocked or warned!

Eng is not my main lang, so idc about any mistakes, thanks.